Top 10 Unique Dog Names

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As humans, names are important to us. We have been naming ourselves, our children, and other things for thousands of years, for as long as we can document history. So it's no wonder that we want to do the same with man's best friend. We think of our pets as our children after all, so it only comes naturally that we want to provide them with adequate names that fit their personality.

Some of the top names in the world include popular names that have been given to human children, but most people don't realize that when it comes to dogs, we have a lot more options to name pups. Unique names for dogs over the years include names like Fido and Spot - names we wouldn't dream of giving other humans. Dogs are much more open when it comes to showing off their traits and personality compared to humans, so why stick to normal human names when providing a good one for your beloved furbaby? Allow your pup's unique personality shine through with a name that can be all their own. Here's a list of truly unique dog names that may be just the one for your one-of-a-kind furry bestie.


Moana means ocean or large body of water in languages such as Hawaiian, Maori, and other Polynesian languages. Although this name was made popular by the 2016 film Moana, it's still popular for dog breeds that love to swim, like the Irish Water Spaniel and Poodle.


Arlo is a male dog name meaning troops or fortified, supposedly coming from Irish origins. This strong and unique name is pawfect for a German Shepherd or Dobermann.


Ophelia is a unique female name for pups meaning help, and has ties to Shakespeare's work. This pawsome name may suit breeds like Labrador Retrievers and Border Collies.
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Conan is a Celtic male name meaning high or wise. There are no better breeds to give this strong name than Golden Retreivers and Shetland Sheepdogs.


Saskia is a special name for females with multiple meanings, such as "Saxon woman" and "protector of humankind". Being man's best friend, dogs are pretty protective of us, so this may just fit your Rottweiler or Akita.


Damon is a Greek male name that means gentle and to tame, also referring to the Greek legend of Damon, a loyal friend of Pythias. This name would suit gentle and loyal breeds, such as Newfoundland Dogs and Irish Wolfhounds.


Cricket is a cute female dog name that typically means to creek or rattle. This adorable name is a pawsome idea to name small pups like Yorkshire Terriers or Pugs.


Finn is a handsome male name that means Fair in Irish. The name would suit for fair-haired pups such as the Samoyed Dog or the Bichen Frise.


This Greek sun god was revered in ancient times as a healer and poet. Your furry guy who brings the light into your heart may fit this name pawfectly!


Fletcher is a Scottish, English, and Irish male name that means arrow. Breeds that are as thin and fast as arrows may suit this moniker, like Greyhounds and Great Danes.