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The Tosa or Japanese Mastiff is a rare breed in the United States and has actually been banned in many European countries because of their history as being a vicious breed. Even though this breed has a reputation, similar to that of the Pit Bull, there are still people who have fallen in love with their noble looks and protective natures. The Tosa should have a name that honors their Japanese heritage and is fun for their owners. When adding a new Tosa puppy to your home, research the breed and the names of the puppy’s ancestors. You may actually find a name that you like in their family tree!

Tosa Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tosa Dog Name Considerations

The Tosa is a Japanese breed that has been used as a fighting dog and can be an aggressive breed. When purchasing a Tosa for your family plan to do your research and understand how to train them. The easiest part of adding a Tosa to your home is finding the right name for them. Japanese names are like Korean or Chinese names and have the family name first, followed by the first name. Luckily, most dogs do not have last names and you do not have to worry about giving them a proper Japanese name with the last name first and the first name last! However, there are plenty of interesting, fun and easy to pronounce names with Japanese origins to choose. If you are not sure how to pronounce a name, then you can bet that other people will also have trouble pronouncing the name. This is probably not the best name to pick. Ask your family members for ideas and see if there is a name that everyone likes. Research famous Japanese people and you might find a name that is easy and interesting. Take your time and find a name that fits your new Tosa puppy.

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