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Treasure Planet is a Disney film that was released in the year 2002, during the infamous slump that the company went through after Walt Disney died. The movies that appeared through this time were not necessarily bad ones, but they paled in comparison to the classics of the past and to Pixar's growing CGI skills. Because of this, Treasure Planet (which has eventually grown in popularity over time) was initially a box office failure. However, this is primarily due to the time it was created and not because the story was a failure. Based off the classic book, Treasure Island, this animated film uses the new technology of CGI at the time to tell a tale of a young man by the name of Jim Hawkins. Jim's father had left when Jim was just a child and his mother was struggling to keep everything afloat with a small restaurant. The entire story is set in space (hence the "planet" found in the name) and Jim loves to spend his time rebelling against the world while he zips around on his solar-kite board. Eventually, Jim stumbles upon a secret that will change his life forever; a map to Treasure Planet. This planet is legendary for holding a giant horde of treasure and with a desire for a better life, Jim sets out to find it. With help from a rag-tag team of misfit space pirates and a family friend, Jim not only learns more about the treasure, but more about who he truly is and what life is all about. It is a great story and although it wasn't appreciated much at the time of it's release, Treasure Planet has slowly become a film loved by many.

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Treasure Planet Dog Name Considerations

So, you have just welcomed a new furry friend into your home, congratulations! Now comes the fun part where you get to decide what name will be the perfect fit for their personality and overall appearance. If you are looking into this name guide, most likely you either loved the movie Treasure Planet, enjoyed the book Treasure Island, or you just generally like the idea of a space adventure name! Whatever the case may be, the list of names that we have chosen combines a variety of choices from the movie, book, and even video game that was released for Treasure Planet. You will also find some basic space related names here that will work perfectly with anyone who truly enjoys the beauty of space. For example, "Doppler" is a name that comes from the movie and is a main character who plays the role of Jim's family friend. Interestingly enough, this character was based off of "Squire Trelawney" who was a character in the book Treasure Island. And finally, we have names of planets from our solar system that are easy to say and familiar. Thanks to the wide variety of titles that are available in this name guide, no matter what breed of dog you have, it will be easy to find a great moniker for your doggo.
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