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There have been countless works of fiction that center around the vampire lord Dracula, by the time of this writing. In many of those tales, Dracula wrecks havoc upon the land - spilling the blood of innocent people on a massive scale until he's brought down by the efforts of one man. In most adaptions of the Dracula mythos, that man almost always turns out to be Professor Abraham Van Helsing. In (relatively) recent years, Abraham Van Helsing has been featured in a number of works in which he's the main character. And if it isn't Van Helsing himself facing off against Dracula, it's likely one of his descendants, relatives, pupils, or alternate versions who are putting the Evil Eye to down for good

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Van Helsing Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Dracula ranks among the most infamous, terrifying horror movie monsters in all of fiction. The fact that Abraham Van Helsing always rises up to challenge the Lord of Vampires is a testament to bravery that people are capable of displaying, even against seemingly insurmountable odds. It's probably because of this that the Van Helsing character has been featured in so many different shows, games, movies, and books - he remains a constant foe of Dracula, even when he has to face him alone. Fans of vampire hunting characters like Blade, Alucard, and D may want to name their dog after the character that really showed everyone else how get the job done. 

Abraham Van Helsing also had a rendition of his character star as the main hero, a self titled 2004 action horror film that was directed by Stephen Sommers. It was this movie that first introduced the name Van Helsing to an entirely new generation of filmgoers, offering cinephiles a more action packed take on the character and the Dracula mythos as a whole. Though the film wasn't as wildly successful from a commercial standpoint, it spawned a cult following among fans of Dracula and Professor Abraham Van Helsing as well.

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