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Victoria is one of the smallest states in Australia, and the most densely packed. Although it encompasses only around three percent of the country’s total area, approximately twenty-four percent of the entire population of Australia is packed into Victoria, in part due to the Victorian Gold Rush that was triggered by the discovery of gold in 1851. It is the home of Australia’s capital city of Melbourne, a bustling city with a population of a little over four million individuals, as well as seven more of the fifty most populous cities in Australia. Victoria also has beautiful landscapes, including captivating beaches, towering mountains, underground caves, and the third largest volcanic plains in the world. 

Victoria Dog Names in Pop Culture

Victoria Dog Name Considerations

Although it is one of the smallest of the Australian states, the rich diversity of this amazing Australian state provides several opportunities for inspiration when searching for a moniker for your new canine companion. Some individuals may choose a Victorian name that describes their dog's physical appearance, such as Fairy for a very small dog, or Ada for a larger dog, while others may prefer to describe the dog's habits and behavioral traits, selecting a name like Billy, for a dog that never gives up, or Wallaby or Roo for a dog that does a lot of hopping around. Others may choose to honor a famous person who was born in the state, such as Cate Blanchett, Steve Irwin, or Emily Browning, while others may prefer to honor someone who is politically significant to the state, such as Linda Dessau or Daniel Michael Andrews. There are also several National and State parks that can be found in Victoria, such as Wilson's Promontory National Park and the Alpine National park, as well as several wonderful Universities, like Deakin University, Monash University, or the University of Divinity. The native wildlife can also be quite inspirational with a variety of different native animals such as the Echidna, the Cockatoo, or even the endangered Baw Baw Frog.
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