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Warehouse 13 is an American made science fiction show that ran from June of 2009 to May of 2014. The highly creative venture is based around the thirteenth incarnation of a Warehouse built to preserve and collect “artifacts”, items that have been imbued with a special power that is, in most cases, directly related to either the user or creator of the item, although certain major events in history can create artifacts as well. These artifacts typically have a downside to using them as well, some relatively benign, such as the drooling effect of Pavlov’s Bell, others extremely malicious, like Lizzie Borden’s compact, which causes its user to kill their loved ones using an ax. 

Warehouse 13 Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Warehouse 13 Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are many ways to begin the search for a new name for your canine companion; some people choose to pick a name by its meaning, while others prefer to choose a name that commemorates someone that they know and love, or even a name that refers to a celebrity or an expert in a field that they are interested in. Another source of inspiration can be based n our favorite forms of entertainment, such as our favorite books, movies, and television shows. The television show Warehouse 13 is full of inspiration for your dog’s name, including names based on characters, places, and even the names of artifacts or their creators. There are several ways to pinpoint exactly the right name from a list like this, for instance you can let the dog’s behavior and habits guide you, choosing a name like Claudia, Fargo, or Artie for a dog that is bright but quirky, while Adwin or Mrs. Frederic may be more appropriate names for a dog that seems to have hidden depths. There are also names that will help define your dog’s role in life, making names like Genghis, Jane, or Remati fitting for a dog that is meant to be a guardian. 

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Community Dogs with Warehouse 13 Inspired Names

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