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The Wildcats are a team of superheroes who first debuted in the early 1990s. Their real-world creators are legendary comic book artist Jim Lee and the prolific comic writer Brandon Choi. In stark contrast to bright and upbeat stories that are typically associated with the comic book medium, the Wildcats' tales were dark, gritty, and often gruesome. The Wildcats were more akin to secret agents than friendly neighborhood superheroes (in fact the "cat" in Wildcats is an acronym that means "Covert Action Team"). Every issue, the team tried to resolve the conflict between two alien races - the angelic Kherubims and demonic Daemonites.

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Wildcats Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Wildcats are one of the few Dark Age superheroes teams that are still around today. For those who don't know, the term "Dark Age of comic books" refers to a period during the 1990s in which scores of new heroes were created to replace the older heroes. These newcomers were meaner and grittier than their more mainstream, well-established predecessors. For a time, groups like the Youngbloods, the X-Force, and the New Mutants were all the rage with comic book readers. But the perpetual angst and edginess of these Dark Age teams eventually lost its luster. The Wildcats are one of the few Dark Age teams who endured past the closing of the Dark Age. In the Modern Age of comics, they've been merged with the DC Universe and now fight alongside famous superheroes like the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps. 

If you have a dog that needs a name and you're a fan of comic book culture who's looking to base that name on something unique, consider naming your pet after a member of the Wildcats. The team isn't the largest group in the world, but each of its members is unique in their own right. Read ahead to learn more about the core members of the group as well as how they got their start.

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