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Hello art lovers! There is nothing you love more than to visit galleries, go to exhibitions, frequent museums, and talk about your favorite modern and post-modern artworks, you get a thrill when you watch Sotheby’s, Phillips, and Christie’s auctions, and Biennale is a dream come true for you. If you kept saying yes, yes, and yes, welcome, here you will get the inspiration for your new pupper’s fabulous name. You want to honor the world of art, and having your best friend bear the name of some of the greatest creators of the modern age is a great way to do that.

Modern Artist Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Modern Artist Inspired Dog Name Considerations

As an art aficionado and a lover of adorable little Dachshunds, one possible name for your new elongated friend might be Hockney, inspired by the contemporary artist David Hockney who has over a hundred paintings of cute Dachshunds in his portfolio. His beloved pups, Boodgie and Stanley, have been a continuous source of inspiration to the artist, and the paintings of his best friends were even published in a 1998 book David Hockney’s Dog Days. Another consideration for an adorable Dachshund can be Archie, the name of Andy Warhol’s beloved pup whom he took everywhere he went, and even depicted numerous times. And, finally, as artists seemingly have a thing for Dachshunds, Picasso’s lovely doggo Lump can be another solid name choice for you.

A proud owner of a West Highland Terrier might consider drawing inspiration from another artist who loves dogs, Jeff Koons. Koons is known for his large-scale works, one of which is a colossal sculpture of a West Highland Terrier made of steel, fabric, and flowers. So, the name Jeff, or Koons, can be a perfect one for your four-legged friend. Another option related to Koons’ Puppy is simply – Bilbao, the name of the Spanish city where the sculpture sits outside of the Guggenheim Museum.

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Community Dogs With Modern Artist Inspired Names

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